How do I rent a program?2020-09-25T18:19:17+00:00

Choose a video program for your facility to enjoy. Select duration of rental. (weekly/monthly) When you are ready to check out you will be asked to enter information necessary to process your order.

IMPORTANTenter the email address that you want your video link to be sent to. Pay using any major credit card. After your order has been processed you will receive an email reply containing the link to the video program. The rental period starts when you receive this link. The video link can be shared with unlimited plays throughout your facility for the rental period.

Can I pay by check?2020-10-03T22:19:11+00:00

Yes. Please contact us through email to make arrangements. Your video link will be sent to you when we receive your check.

IMPORTANTmake sure you write the email address that you want the video link sent to on the check.

Are there more programs?2020-10-04T01:24:44+00:00

More are on the way. At least one new video a month will be released and can be accessed from this web site. New programs themes include ” Classic Country”, “Sacred Favorites”, “Standards and Popular Classics II”, “Songs of the Greatest Generation”, and “Sounds of the Holidays”

Can I be notified when new programs become available?2020-09-25T18:20:03+00:00

Of course! Send us an email through our website and we will keep you up to date on all of our new programs.

Can I suggest a new theme for Mia and Jim?2020-09-25T18:20:16+00:00

Yes. We realize that each facility is unique and has its own “personality”. We would love to hear about yours and how we might cater our programs to fit the taste of your residents.

Do Mia and Jim play live concerts?2020-09-25T18:20:37+00:00

Yes they do. Contact them through this website.

Are Mia and Jim a couple?2020-10-03T22:16:23+00:00

Yes! They have been together over 15 years.

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